Public Art Monument Sculpture Commission Competition Winners 2011-2017

2017 Winner

“The Arkansas A”

by Stephen Shachtman

2017 Prize Shachtman
The 7th recipient of the Sculpture at the River Market Monument Commission Competition award was announced Sunday, April 23rd at three o’clock in the afternoon. Artist Stephen Shachtman was named winner of the $60,000 commission. When completed, the sculpture will be placed at the Southwest Community Center (6401 Baseline Road) in April 2018.

Sculpture details are as follows:


CORTEN STEEL – Three pillars; over time this CorTen steel develops a rich rust patina.

BRONZE – Three pillar caps.

SANDSTONE – Sphere; layered slices of sandstone will be shaped to form the central sphere.

SCALE: 16ft tall x 10ft diameter

The sculpture’s “A” shape was designed to represent Arkansas, with its converging pillars and central sphere representing the community coming together.  Pictured below is the artist’s rendering of the sculpture on site in front of Dee Brown Library.

To follow progress of this sculpture’s construction,

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Stephen Shachtman in his booth at the 2017 Sculpture at the River Market Show & Sale, with a maquette of “The Arkansas A.”


Shachtman, left, reacts as his name is announced. He is congratulated by fellow finalist Ted Schaal, to immediate right of Shachtman, and other artists and guests present during the announcement.

2016 Winner


by Clay Enoch


The sixth winning monument sculpture,  selected through Sculpture at the River Market’s Public Art Monument Sculpture Commission Competition program, was announced at the conclusion its ninth Show & Sale on Sunday, April 24, 2016. “UNITED“, by Clay Enoch, will be installed on the historic campus of Little Rock Central High School in 2017 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the desegregation crisis. Sculpture at the River Market will fund its permanent installation.

Clay said that his core message in this piece is that “our similarities are more striking than our subtle differences.”

His description of the sculpture follows:  “Two allegorical figures; with subtle racial differences are working together to create an integrated fabric of society. These mirror-image figures each strain to complete their ring while carefully integrating the two together. The rings become inter-connected without losing identity, showing that unique qualities of each are not erased when united. The rings are incomplete to show that there is progress still to be made.

The mirror symbolism is repeated throughout the sculpture to show the importance of removing our pre-conceptions, to see ourselves in the other person and uncover the fact that we are the same and all are deserving of the same access to opportunities.

The larger figures have a secondary narrative etched onto their surface to be discovered close-up. These smaller figures demonstrate that both sides have a foundation of ideals spanning generations that they are willing to adjust and change into building blocks for something greater. The blocks are mirror finished so that the viewer can see themselves in the piece and understand we each have a role to play in the continued efforts that began with the Civil Rights Movement.”

Clay Enoch 2016

Sculpture details are as follows:


SILICON BRONZE – a museum-quality alloy prized for its durability and ease of casting. The lost wax method of bronze casting is over 2,000 years old.

STAINLESS STEEL – an iron-based alloy mixed with nickel to make it resistant to corrosion used in many exterior applications, ranging from artistic to industrial.

SCALE: 10ft x 8ft x 7ft

FINISH: Verdigris (bluish-green)

“Nancy Rousseau, Principal of Little Rock Central High School said she was thrilled about Enoch’s winning proposal and is eager to have it installed.  There were so many good pieces, she said. They’re all timeless. All had great concepts.” (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 4/25/16)


Clay was born and raised in Tennessee, where he participated in the Governor’s School for the Fine Arts before earning his BFA from Wheaton College in Illinois. He has been self employed and living as a sculptor in Colorado Springs since 1996.

Enoch maquette 2016 united

This will be Clay’s 15th public sculpture installation nationally, with sculptures located in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Colorado, Ohio, and Illinois. He is an Elected Fellow Member of both the National Sculptors’ Guild (2010) and National Sculptor Society (2011).

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2015 Winner

“Mockingbird Tree”

by Michael Warrick




Michael Warrick, of Little Rock, Arkansas, was named the winner of the 2015 Sculpture at the River Market’s $60,000 Public Art Monument Sculpture Commission Competition at the conclusion of the annual Show & Sale on April 26, 2015. The new sculpture was installed at the northwest corner of Chenal Parkway and Chenal Valley Drive in west Little Rock on April 21, 2016, one day prior to the commencement of the 9th annual Sculpture at the River Market Show & Sale. Michael’s winning sculpture, entitled “Mockingbird Tree,” is the fifth sculpture added to the collection through Sculpture at the River Market’s Public Art Monument Sculpture Commission Competition program.

Michael Warrick, 2015 Commission Competition Winner


Warrick says his design is a celebration of Arkansas’ state bird and one of its most prominent natural resources. “My concept is playfully illustrated in a childlike fashion with bubble forms for foliage plus a pair of Arkansas’ state birds,” states the artist.  Dimensions of the sculpture are 18’ tall x 11’ wide x 7’deep, composed of stainless steel, bronze and gold leaf.


Mockingbird Tree


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2014 Winner


by Lorri Acott



Lorri Acott of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado was named the winner of the $60,000 2014 Sculpture at the River Market’s Public Art Monument Sculpture Commission Competition at the conclusion of the annual Show & Sale on April 27, 2014. The new sculpture was installed January 26, 2015 at the corner of 2nd and Main Street in Little Rock, AR. 

Acott’s winning sculpture is entitled “Peace”. Peace is the fourth sculpture added to the Collection through Sculpture at the River Market’s Public Art Monument Sculpture Commission Competition program.

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2013 Winner

“Open Window”

by Ted Schaal

Open Window Schaal
Open Window, by Ted Schaal, is located on the south bank of the Arkansas River between the Junction Bridge and First Security Amphitheater in the River Market.

Installed in May of 2015, “Open Window” was the winner of the 2013 Sculpture at the River Market Commission Competition. Artist Ted Schaal, of Loveland, Colorado, said that the saying “God doesn’t close a door without opening a window” inspired the conceptual design of his contemporary bronze sculpture.  Schaal said that the mirror-polished stainless steel orb represents that moment of grace when one recognizes the opportunity to move on from a particular situation of life.  Gold leaf is used to embellish the “Window”.


2013ANightInTheGarden (51 of 54)

Above: The winner is announced at the 2013 Sculpture at the River Market’s “An Evening in the Garden.” Sculpture at the River Market founder Dr. Dean Kumpuris (left), with Artist Ted Schaal (center) and Sculpture committee member Paul Parnell (right).

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2012 Winner


by Bryan W. Massey, Sr.

Nautilus by Bryan Massey Sr.

Arkansas artist, Bryan W. Massey, Sr., won the $60,000 Sculpture at the River Market Public Art Commission Competition held in conjunction with the 2012 Show & Sale. Above is the maquette of the site.

“Nautilus”, made of soapstone, limestone and steel, was inspired by a nautilus sea shell.  The sculpture was installed in the west end of Riverfront Park beside the Marriott Hotel.

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2011 Winner

“The Center”

by Chapel



Artists participating in the 2011 Sculpture at the River Market Show & Sale were eligible to submit proposals for a new sculpture to be installed at Riverfront Park near the Junction Bridge on the Arkansas River. Preview Party guests received a ballot and voted their choice, and the winner was San Leandro, California artist Chapel, whose work “The Center,” was installed in the fall of 2012. This 15-foot-tall sculpture was a $50,000 commission winner and is constructed of stainless steel, glass and bronze.

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