West Central Community Center Sculpture

The site is approximately 26’ x 36’ and is adjacent to the West Central Community Center.

The buildings walls are made of glass and the sculpture can be appreciated both from the inside and as people approach the building.

The site is flat and presently has minimal landscaping that will either stay, be enhanced, or removed depending on the piece

of sculpture that is selected. There is a magnolia tree in front of the site that will be removed.

There are also bollards that will be removed. Electricity is available at the side.

The $6.4 million West Central Community Center is less than five years old and is used for a variety of reasons.

here is a college size basketball court, a radio station, exercise rooms, and banquet facilities.

These in other opportunities are used by a diverse group of citizens.

Obviously young people are there to play basketball, but the facility is also used by senior citizens on a daily basis.

The Center sits on the 25-acre West Central Sports Complex, which includes softball and baseball fields.

The sculpture can be anything that conveys a welcoming message.

Abstract, contemporary or traditional sculptures can work equally well at this site.

Again, there’s only one simple message that we want to convey; we are glad that you’re here.

If you have any questions, please call me 501-607-2253.

Dean Kumpuris, MD