City of Little Rock, Arkansas

Riverfront Park Grand Entrance Sculpture

The new sculpture placement is a 50 ft in diameter circle at the base of the Junction Bridge. The area

presently is landscaped. This area should be considered a blank canvas for your proposal.

The Junction Bridge is directly to the north of the site and the buttress of the bridge is on a rock

formation that is Little Rock’s namesake. To the east is our renovated amphitheater and to the west is

an open-air History Pavilion with a small stage attached to it. To the south is an area that is presently

being redesigned as a new proposed entrance into Riverfront Park.

The proposed site should be and will be the focal point of the newly redesigned entrance into Riverfront

Park from Clinton Avenue. The proposed sculpture should be bold in its appearance and act as an

attraction to bring people into the park. It will be a magnet luring people into the park and also help

them become acclimated to using all the other amenities in the park especially the Vogel Schwartz

Sculpture Garden.

The design of the sculpture and the utilization of the space can take on any characteristic that your mind

can construct. It can be intimate, bold, or traditional. There is no pre-conceived idea about how this

space can be enhanced.

We look forward to your ideas on how to utilize this space. Please think outside of the box when you

submit your proposal. If you have any questions about this space, please contact me directly.

Dean Kumpuris, MD 501-607-2253