Sculpture at the River Market is pleased to announce that six sculptures, from artists juried into the 10th Sculpture Show & Sale, were purchased from the proceeds of its April 2017 Show & Sale.

These sculptures will be added to the collection of 90+ pieces of public art in the city of Little Rock.


The Awakening                             Lorri Acott

Bronze – 36”H x 36”W

“Long legs = rising above life’s challenges. The antlers reference the wild aspects of ourself – essential to creativity and new, out of the box thinking.”


Bertha Belle and Clancy                   Craig Campbell

Bronze – 15”H x 22”W x 9”D

“A conversation between old friends”

From the Dust…Thunder                     Darrell Davis

   Bronze – 13”H x 17”W x 10”D

From the dust …Thunder, speaks to a time when great herds of bison roamed the Great Plains creating great clouds of dust and out of that dust came the sounds of, as many described it, thunder. The thunder of tens of thousands of buffalo roaming across the open prairies. Nearly hunted to literal extinction, the bison has made a miraculous come back and has become a beloved symbol of the American West. Thusly, “From the dust…Thunder” is also a metaphor for the incredible resurrections that can occur after all is thought to have been lost.”

Play a Song                                      Denny Haskew

Sculpture – Bronze/Gold Leaf – 34”H x 40”W x 29”D

Base – CorTen Steel – 34”H x 40”W x 24”D

“That a woman can create a flute, create a song, and propose her song to anyone she cares deeply for. Just like a man does in Native American tradition.”

Girly Curl                                                Harold Linke

Bronze (white) – 36”H x 10”W x 6”D

“A young girl turning her attention, turning, turning. Embodied in a form without volume, clothed in flowing white.”

The Greatest                           Basil Watson

Bronze – 34”H x 18”W

“Muhammad Ali straddles the globe, proclaiming to the world to stand up…”