Leichliter Sculpture Dedication – October 27, 2014

“Through the Looking Glass”


Through the Looking Glass

Mark Leichliter’s sculpture, “Through the Looking Glass,” was dedicated on October 27, 2014.

The City of Little Rock hosted a dedication ceremony to commemorate the installation of a new monument-size sculpture in the Vogel-Schwartz Sculpture Garden, on October 27, 2014. Titled “Through the Looking Glass,” the sculpture stands 12-feet wide and eight-feet tall. The stainless steel piece by sculptor Mark Leichliter features convex hexagons with a mirror finish on one side, while the hexes on the opposite side are flat. “Through the Looking Glass” was underwritten by Entergy and Kay Arnold, former vice president of Public Affairs for Entergy. Entergy  honored Kay Arnold, and she honored her late husband, Judge Richard S. Arnold. The City also dedicated a new playground in honor of Margaret Clark, a long-time supporter of public art in Little Rock’s downtown.

When asked what his inspiration was for the piece, Liechliter said,

“I was trying to have a way for Little Rock to see itself … I messed with the idea of reflections.  On one side, it has a reflection that’s a single [piece]. It represents the community and how it works as a whole.

“On the other side, it’s all broken up into individual [pieces] and that represents the individuals of the community and how they work together to make it work.”


Leichliter intended to orient the piece parallel to the Arkansas River so that the river is visible through the sculpture’s negative space. Viewers can see reflections of themselves in the piece, with the City of Little Rock behind them. The sculpture’s similarity to a honeycomb reinforces the significance of community and societal connection.


Above: View of the sculpture from the back.

 Above: View of the sculpture from the back.

Artist Mark Leichliter (left), and Kay Arnold (right) stand behind the newly dedicated sculpture.

Artist Mark Leichliter (left) and donor, and honoree, Kay Arnold (right) stand behind the newly dedicated sculpture.

Dean Kumpuris made remarks about the sculpture, and its importance to the Sculpture Garden.

 Dean Kumpuris remarks about the sculpture, and its importance to Sculpture at the River Market’s public art collection.

Margaret Clark (left), stands with Dean Kumpuris (center) and his wife Mary (right).

Margaret Clark (left), stands with Dr. Dean Kumpuris (center) and his wife, Mary (right).

The artist's concept drawing.

The artist’s concept drawing.

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